UNIPASTA, S.A., legally constituted in August 1999, starts working in 2001 and aims to prepare and develop atomized pastes for the pavement, coating and porcelain.

A UNIPASTA, S.A. offers integral solutions to its clients, by developing a range of products that meet their specific needs - atomised Powder of white and tinted porcelain, atomized coating pastes, new atomised pastes (for example fine porcelain or eco pastes).

Situated in Pombal, in the Manuel da Mota industrial area, it occupies an area of 50.000 meters square. It is distinct for being innovative and for being a company which targets for the future in the area of ceramic pastes production industry. It uses the most modern technology which exists in the market and holds firm the aim of maintaining and to develop the levels of quality in commercialized products and services.

Presently, its team is composed by 26 people, all of who have training and qualification adequate for their tasks, which guarantee the quality and continuous improvement of the productive process.

There is a concept of social concern in UNIPASTA S.A. to include locals in the activity of the factory. School trips are held every year in order to understand how a modern factory activity respects all of the environmental stress.