Unipasta S.A. has dedicated special attention to the environment since it was a Project to the present stage of industrial action, betting responsible management of natural resources.

This special attention can not only been seen by the level of technology used which it has implemented which are characterised as being the most modern, more efficient and cleaner, also in the choice of the raw materials and suppliers that are more environmentally sustainable .

With the development of ecological products – eco-pastes, it finds solutions for environmental problems in the industry of the ceramic sector. These ecological pastes appeared with the philosophy of added value that the company wants to provide its clients with and results from utilizing materials which in today’s western society is fundamental.

The development strategy is adopted to meet predicted future energetic demands, conciliating rationality and efficiency of the productive activity with the environmental aims through a larger incorporation of knowledge and of innovation.

UNIPASTA, S.A. is certified since 2004 by the quality management system (NP EN ISO 9001: 2008), and obtained certification for environmental management system in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 14001 :2004 in 2010.

The ecological conscience that UNIPASTA, S.A., and its young and sensibilised team has for issues of social and environmental responsibility are factors that have contributed to the reputation and reference of this company.